About Us

Amahoro Human Respect (AHR) is a non-
governmental organization based in Kigali-Rwanda

and registere under the Rwandan law with the
registration number N0 438/RGB/NGO/LP/02/2019.
AHR strive to promote human rights education
through empowering underserved communities
on human rights as well as building the capacity of
decision maker to know and meeting their human
rights obligations.
AHR works to ensure Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender and Intersex (LGBT), teenage mothers,
People Living with HIV, People who inject Drugs
(PWID) and other vulnerable and marginalized
groups can fully enjoy their rights as well as
combating all forms of gender-based violence
throughout the country.


A healthy and prosperous generation-free from
all forms of injustice including on basis of sexual orientation and gender identity expression


Striving for the respect, protection and fulfillment
of human rights through research, advocacy, capacity building and provision of legal aid.

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