What We Do

Our projects

Our organization is involved in numerous projects ..,

HIV/AIDS Health, Education and Support


  • Amahoro runs educational workshops targeting populations with the highest rates of HIV/AIDS. Workshops cover both prevention and management of the disease.
  • We counsel people who already have a positive HIV diagnosis on ways to manage the disease.
  • We work with HIV+ people to make sure they get the healthcare they need and the funds to pay for that care.
  • We follow up with participants after initial counseling to ensure that they understand how to properly take care of the disease, to troubleshoot problems they’ve encountered, and to provide further support.
  • We advocate for the rights of HIV+ people and educate the general public about what AIDS is, what it means to have the disease, and how people with positive HIV status can effectively contribute to society when supportively integrated.

Employment and Community living skills.


  • Amahoro holds capacity building workshops to teach marginalized individuals to build self-efficacy. They share ideas for living more fully in society.
  • We offer entrepreneurship trainings for various minority communities including people living with HIV and sexual minorities so that they can gain skills to help them find or create jobs.
  • We offer workshops to sexual minorities teaching skills useful in their work places and communities.
  • We hold trainings for members of minority communities on basic self-defense techniques.
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